Apple Slicers

Apple slicers are tools that slice and core apples.

  • They can be safer, faster and easier to use than a knife
  • Also known as apple "wedgers", "segmenters", "dividers" or "cutters"

What is an apple slicer?

Apple slicers are a handy tool to slice and core apples in one motion.

Sliced apple with slicer tool showing blade and handles.

Cutting an apple with a knife is a hassle. It can also be a bit dangerous because you need to make additional, somewhat awkward cuts to carve the core out of each of the slices.

An apple slicer solves this issue by keeping the core and the slices apart.

How to use an apple slicer

apple slicer being used in four stages.
  1. Place slicer above apple and center the middle hole with the core.
  2. With your hands on the handles, push blades into apple.
  3. Push apple slicer all the way down to the bottom.
  4. Remove slices and enjoy

What to look for when you buy:

The top things to think about when buying a new apple slicer:

  • Amount of slices
  • Strength
  • Safety (handles)
  • Does the slicer slice all the way?

Amount of slices

When you are buying an apple slicer make sure to count how many slices it makes.

apple slicer from above and apple.

Thin or thick wedges?

Six to eight slice cutters will create apple slices that are thick and solid and often perfect for an adult depending on your taste.

When it comes to kids however, you may be wanting slices for smaller mouths. Apple cutters that have ten or more slices are likely going to result in child friendly slices that also do well for presentation.


Make sure to buy from a reputable company or a well reviewed product, there are far too many cheaply made ones out there to leave it to chance.

Safety (handles)

These slicers are sharp! They are not a toy for the kids. A good apple slicer will have room beneath the handles for your fingers so when you push down on it you are not hurting your fingers.

apple slicer and apple from side.

Does the slicer slice all the way?

In my experience, most apple slicers do not actually slice the apple all the way through. This means that once you have pushed the slicer entirely through the apple, there will be a tiny bit at the bottom that still holds together a little.

This can be seen as a positive or negative. Positive in the sense that the apple slices do not go flying everywhere, negative in the sense that it does take a little extra effort and perhaps a hassle getting the core out.