Asparagus Tongs

Tongs made specifically for asparagus.

  • Serving utensil to get asparagus from the platter to the plate
  • These have been made of metal since the Victorian era.

What is an asparagus tong?

Asparagus tongs are designed with wide grabbers and channels to handle asparagus spears without breaking them.

parts of tongs noted such as handle and channel grooves

If you try to grab asparagus spears with just about anything they can sag, snap or break.

Asparagus tongs solve that issue by having wide flat areas upon which the spears can be supported.

How to use Asparagus Tongs

how to use asparagus tongs
  1. Bring the tongs to the platter holding the asparagus spears.
  2. Reach in with tongs and grab several spears.
  3. Hold closed by squeezing on handle.
  4. Transport them to plate and loosen pressure on handle to release the spears.

What to look for when you buy:

asparagus and tongs displayed on a cutting board

A very important factor for asparagus tongs is their width. The more wide the tongs the better and more stable your load of spears will be.

Examples of different width tong heads

Asparagus tongs are specialty items and as such they are not represented well by famous brands.


You will come accross two types of "asparagus tongs" functional and decorative. In the image above showing the width of some items, the one on the right is shaped like an asparagus spear. It is very cute, but not very functional.