Avocado Slicer

Avocado slicers cut, slice and help peel Avocados.

  • Also called an avocado "tool", "scooper" or "pitter".
  • Multi tool solves common avocado specific issues.
  • Helps make avocado toast like a champ.

What is an avocado slicer?

An avocado slicer is a tool that makes working with avocados easier and safer. They will normally have a safe knife blade on one side and a slicing or scooping area on the other.

Parts of avocado tool noted are pit removal area, non slip handle, plastic blade for cutting and the scooping / slicing area.

Utensils made for avocados are great examples of life being easier when you have the right tool.

Using a sharp knife to slice one is a bit dangerous because you have to handle the avocado quite bit to slice around the giant hard pit. Getting the pit out once you have sliced it can be a chore because it is slippery and the fruit around it is so soft and easy to deform. On top of those issues you then have to scoop out the fruit somehow.

two avocados and a slicing tools are on a cutting board

Avocado slicers solve these issues by making the slicing safer, pit removal easier, and the scooping a breeze.

How to use an avocado slicer

Tool being used to open, depit and slice an avocado
  1. Slice avocado lengthwise at the center and make your way around the pit.
  2. Once avocado is sliced all the way around, twist the two sides apart and remove the pit (stone) with tool.
  3. Use slicing / scooping side of tool to slice / remove fruit.
  4. Do the same for other side and enjoy.

What to look for when you buy:

Several new avocado tools are shown in their packages.


The first thing to know is that avacodo tools come in all shapes and sizes:

If you are not using this utensil everyday for a specific function it is likely that the 3 in 1 type tools are for you (such as the Oxo brand tool featured in the images on this page).

There are however many tools which are geared toward a certain function.

One example would be that if you are making guacamole there is not a strong need for perfect little avocado slices, but you still need to open, depit and scoop out the avocado.

If (as another example) you are making avacado toast for guests you may very much care about the presentation of the slices.


  • Cutting avocado skin safely
  • Removing the pit/stone
  • Slicing the inside fruit
  • Cubing the inside fruit
  • Removing the inside fruit


avocado slicer patent drawing highlighting the shapes and spread of blades.

The avocado has been eaten for thousands of years, but the tools specific to avocados have a much shorter history.

In the 1990s and 2000s many patents were filed for avocado tools. The rather recent history of this tool is mostly due to the surge of avocado use in America in the early 1990s.

The patent image 1 above is from 1996.