Bacon Press

A heavy flat piece of cast iron with a wooden handle attached.

  • Also referred to as a "grill press" or "burger press"
  • Keeps bacon flat.
bacon press parts - cast iron base and wood handle are noted.

Often used as a restaurant tool, bacon presses are becoming more and more popular in homes.

They are a treat to have around and they make bacon cooking easier.

When used correctly these can make cooking bacon safer as well by reducing the amount of popping grease.

Cooking your bacon can go much faster when you remember to heat up the press in the pan first. The hot cast iron of the press will cook your bacon from one side and the pan will cook it on the other.

How to use a Bacon Press

Four stages of bacon cooking
  1. Place bacon press on pan to heat up.
  2. Place bacon strips on pan.
  3. Cover the bacon strips with the press.
  4. Lift press to see bacon and remove from pan when done.

What to look for when you buy:

A bacon press and a package of bacon on a cutting board

There are basically three types of bacon presses:

  • Rectangle
  • Round
  • Novelty


The rectangle presses (like the one shown in the images on this page) are great if the pan you normally cook your bacon on is square.


The round presses can really cover a round pan almost completely if you get the size right.


The novelty ones are often shaped like a pig or have the word "bacon" on them. These can be fun to look at and use, but due to their shape are often less effective than the ones which are shaped more traditionally.

Brands / Products

new star foodservice bacon press

New Star Foodservice - Bacon Press

This is the tool we featured on this page. Wooden handle, cast iron base. 8.25 x 4.25 inches.

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