Ball Whisk

A ball whisk has straight tines with balls at their ends.

  • Named for the balls at the end of the tines.
  • Easier to clean than other whisks that have intertwined tines.
  • This is one of several whisk types.

What is a ball whisk?

A ball whisk has 10 to 12 semi-rigid wire tines which have balls at the end of them. Often there is a center tine that is shorter in length than the others with a larger ball.

tines, handle and ball bearings noted.

Ball whisks look odd but have many good qualities making them a useful item for your kitchen.

They whisk things up very well when using a side to side motion (as is recommended for most whisks). The heavy balls really help get things shaking.

This type of whisk is great for mixing and stirring. There are no tines touching each other so it is easy to rinse off and clean.

How to use a Ball Whisk

Four stages of use are presented
  1. Gather your tools and ingredients.
  2. Place ball whisk into bowl.
  3. Move whisk vigorously side to side until what you are mixing is the desired consistancy or fully combined.
  4. Use whisk in some clear water for easy pre-cleaning.

What to look for when you buy:

ball whisk, eggs and cutting board.

The best known brand to make these are All-Clad ball whisks from Williams Sonoma. They are a trusted brand.

Other than brand there are two things really to consider - size and material.

There are large and small versions of ball whisks and there are stainless steel and silicone versions as well.

The silicone version is typically a "dipped" version meaning the outer layer of the balls are silicone with steel beneath. This is so they won't affect non-stick surfaces.