Banana Slicer

The banana slicer is a fun, fast, safe and simple way to cut up your bananas.

  • Made of plastic.
  • Shaped like a banana but much wider to fit.
  • This is one of several types of slicers.
width and shape allow all bananas to fit - safer to use.

Banana slicers are a handy part of any kitchen.

These work great, look great and are much safer to use than a knife for little hands.

How to use a Banana Slicer

Four stages of use are presented
  1. Gather your tools and ingredients.
  2. Unpeel your banana.
  3. Place banana slicer over the banana and push down.
  4. Enjoy your evenly cut banana slices.

What to look for when you buy:

bananas, slicer and cutting board.

You may find several of these that look similiar. That's OK because they are all pretty much the same thing.

Brands / Products

Hutzler brand Banana Slicer

Hutzler Banana Slicer

This is the original version of this tool and the one featured in the images on this page.

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