Bean Slicer

This hand crank tool is used to slice beans.

  • Utensil secures to a table or counter top.
  • Also referred to as a "bean cutter" or "french bean slicer".
  • This is one of several types of slicers.
Bean slicer parts - handle, crank, blades are noted.

Slicing beans is often done by hand using a knife. This can be a long and tiring process.

A bean slicer is designed to make that chore quicker and easier.

What are sliced beans?

When we say "sliced beans" we mean that they are sliced length wise. Beans sliced in this manner are most commonly referred to as "Franch Beans".

beans both sliced and unsliced.

A bean slicer is typically a hand cranked tool that guides the beans through blades as you turn the crank.

When used correctly, this utensil can really save sore hands.

How to use a Bean Slicer

Four stages of use are presented
  1. Gather your beans and your slicer.
  2. Place two or three beans into opening.
  3. Slowly begin to turn the hand crank.
  4. The sliced beans will start coming out.

What to look for when you buy:

slicing beans

This tool has some variations. The most effective bean slicer will be the type that has an actual hand crank. The hand held or flimsy plastic tools that we encountered were fragile and too dangerous for us to feel good about showing on this page.

Brands / Products

norpro bean slicer

Norpro Bean Slicer

This is the one featured in the images on this page. It is made of metal and we found it to be a stong, useful home bean slicer. Recommended.

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