Bread Knife

A bread knife has a long thin blade with a serrated edge.

  • Serrated edge allows cutting to occur without resistance.
  • Ideal for bread and soft items.
  • Helps cut with less tearng or compressing.

What is a bread knife?

A bread knife has a long blade with a serrated edge designed to cut bread without tearing or compressing it.

bread knife parts - stainless steel blade, serrated edge and handle.

Bread knives are important to have around the kitchen.

The best way to illustrate the usefulness of a bread knife is to try to cut bread with a normal, non serrated knife. When using a normal knife on bread the end result is normally the bread being pushed and smooshed down instead of getting actually cut.

Since a normal knife does not have a serrated edge, its edge will just slide along the bread and as you press more all you will accomplish is a flatter loaf.

bread knife edge detail of serrated grooves. Oxo brand.

This is true for any soft food with a smooth skin. Tomatoes for example are another food where a serrated edge works and a non serrated edge does not. Bread knives are great for slicing melons as well.

How to use a Bread Knife

bread knife being used to cut a loaf of french bread
  1. Gather knife and bread.
  2. holding knife lightly, let blade rest against top of bread and move back and forth.
  3. Continue the cut through the loaf.
  4. Slice bread as needed.

What to look for when you buy:

A loaf of bread and a knife on a cutting board

When choosing a bread knife choose a brand you trust and remember you don't need to spend a million dollars for a good one. The Cusinart brand bread knife that we have mentioned on this page is a high quality and economical choice.