Butter Slicer

Makes slicing butter quick, easy and less messy.

  • Made of metal and wire.
  • Also referred to as a "butter cutter".
  • This is one of several types of slicers.

What is a butter slicer?

A butter slicer has a sturdy frame with a series of wires affixed. When the frame is pressed into a stick of butter the wires slice through and the result is sliced butter.

width and shape allow standard butter sticks to fit - wire cuts cleanly.

This utensil makes great looking and even pats of butter.

sliced butter

Using this tool is less messy than normal, the end result looks amazing and it makes using butter easier for all who are eating.

How to use a Butter Slicer

Four stages of use are presented
  1. Gather your butter and your slicer.
  2. Place slicer ontop of butter stick.
  3. Push downward through stick.
  4. Enjoy your evenly cut pats of butter.

What to look for when you buy:

There are a few models of these that are quite similar. Choose one with a metal frame and a wire is our only real recommendation for this utensil.

The wire versions are very efficient at cutting through the butter sticks.