A chasen is a bamboo whisk used to mix matcha tea powder and water to a froth.

  • Crafted from a piece of bamboo.
  • Used to stir and froth powdered teas.
  • Also known as a "matcha whisk" or "bamboo whisk".
  • Is a type of matcha tool.
  • One of several types of whisks.
chasen parts - handle, tines and center noted

A Chasen is a tool that is used to create matcha tea. In truly remarkable craftmanship, it is made from a single piece of bamboo.

It is a beautiful tool that is very effective at combining water and powder.

chasen and matcha bowl with tea

Using a chasen to stir matcha tea in a bowl (chawan) is a traditional way to prepare matcha. Still used today, chasens are easy to find across the web.

How to use a Chasen

four stages of chasen use are shown
  1. Gather your Matcha tools.
  2. Add matcha powder.
  3. Add hot water.
  4. Stir until frothy.

What to look for when you buy:

chasen in matcha bowl

Sizes (small vs large)

There are two main sizes that you will encounter: Small and Standard.

two chashens different sizes, one small and one large

The main factor is deciding small vs large size is the size of the matcha bowl (chawan) you are using. You want to have enough room to vigorously use the whisk.

Brands / Products

Bamboo whisk chasen

Matcha DNA - Chasen

This is a great chasen that also includes a matcha scoop (chashaku). Great deal.

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