A chashaku is a type of tea scoop.

  • Made from a piece of bamboo.
  • Used to scoop and transport powdered teas.
  • Also known as a "matcha tea scoop".
  • One of several matcha tools.
handle, notch and curved end are noted

A Chasaku is a Japanese tool associated with Matcha tea. Matcha comes in a very fine powder form. The chashaku is a simple scoop made of bamboo. It is used to transport the tea powder from the chazutsu (tea caddy) to the chawan (bowl) in which the tea is made.

chashaku with matcha tea powder

Using a chashaku makes it easier to get an idea of how much powder to use. These are used to measure the matcha powder.

How to use a Chashaku

four stages of use are shown
  1. Gather your Matcha tools.
  2. Open your tea container (chazutsu) and scoop out some matcha powder.
  3. The tool only holds so much, each load is a measure.
  4. Pour the powder into your matcha bowl (chawan).

What to look for when you buy:

The two real options you will find are the size of the tool and if the tool is "smoked" for color (susudake). The material should always be bamboo.


There are two main sizes that you will encounter: Small and Standard.

two chashakus different sizes, one small and one large


The bamboo color that we are familiar with is the typical type of chashaku but there is also a darker version of bamboo tools that is created by smoking the surface.

When this method is used it is called susudake (smoked bamboo).

two chashakus different colors, one plain bamboo and one smoked and darker

The darker colors can be acheived authentically (costs more) or using various modern methods (cheap).

Brands / Products

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