Cheese Slicer

A cheese slicer has a handle, a roller and a wire. When used on a block of cheese the roller helps the tool roll along the edge and maintains an even distance between the cheese and the cutting wire.

  • The angle at which the slicer is held defines the cutting thickness.
  • This is one of several slicer types.
handle, roller and cutting wire.

Cutting cheese can be a pain and slicers make the job much easier.

Cheese plates and sandwiches look better and are more enjoyable to eat when the slices are uniform and even.

How to use a Cheese Slicer

The process of cutting cheese is demonstrated in four steps
  1. Get your slicer and a block of cheese.
  2. Place cutting wire over cheese block.
  3. Push down, maintaining the same angle.
  4. Repeat until you have all the slices you need.

What to look for when you buy:

Cheese slicer, crakers and sliced cheese on a cutting board.

Type of cheese

It should be said that a cheese slicer is useful on firm cheeses such as cheddar, swiss or monterey jack.

If you are looking to serve soft or more creamy cheese types, look for the a cheese planer or knife rather than a slicer.

Wire type and function

A hand held cheese cutter will have a wire. The wire on most cheese slicers are replaceable. These wires can be adjustable as well.


Most of these utensils will be made of metal. The force required to slice cheese does require a strong tool and we would not suggest plastic or weak looking tools.

Brands / Products

westmark brand cheese slicer


This utensil is the one you see in the images on this page. It is strong, looks great and has tested well in our trials. It is made by Westmark, a quality German brand This cheese slicer is a solid functional pick.

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bellemain brand cheese slicer


This cheese slicer is adjustable, has a one year warranty and is an Amazon best seller. The brand is Bellemain.

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