Chef's Knife

The popular chef's knife is a general purpose kitchen knife.

  • Used in most western kitchens.
  • Also known as a cook's knife.
  • Strong and multi-purpose knife.
Chef knife blade, handle, tang, heel, bolster, rivets and edge.
A chef's knife has a unique shape that is useful for general kitchen needs such as chopping.

The chef's knife is what is found in most American kitchens and is used as a general-utility knife.

The shape of the blade enables chopping without removing blade tip from cutting surface.

chef knife tip does not leave cutting board while chopping

When a chef knife is used to slice or dice, the tip of the blade often stays on the cutting surface as the user lifts the handle up and down to slice or chop.

How to use a Chef Knife

Broccoli being cut by chef knife on a cutting board
  1. Gather knife, cutting board and whatever you want to cut (we are using broccoli).
  2. Place knife edge onto the surface of the broccoli stalk.
  3. Use downward pressure to cut through it.
  4. Slice the stem or cut more until you have what you need.

What to look for when you buy:

Chef knife with a head of broccoli on a cutting board.

A chef knife should be strong and solid.

More often than not, a good indication of strength and quality is when the chef knife has a "full tang". The tang is an extension of the blade that continues through the handle.

Full Tang

A full tang is when the knife blade is one solid piece and the 2 handle pieces are added one on each side.

Chef knife with a full tang extening through handle area.

A knife made with a full tang feels solid and strong in your hands. A chef knife needs to be strong because it is such a workhorse in the kitchen.

Brands / Products

Mercer brand chef knife


This is a popular chef knife because it strikes a good balance between price and quality. This is an inexpensive knife but it looks great and works great. Perfect knife for anyone not wanting to spend double digits on their next kitchen knife. 8 or 10 inches.

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Victorinox brand chef knife


High quality chef knife made by the company famous for the popular Swiss Knife. This Fibrox Pro Chef's Knife is designed to handle kitchen tasks both big and small. Razor sharp and laser-tested blade effortlessly chops, minces, slices and dices. Knife length: 8 inches.

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Wusthof brand chef knife


Known Wusthof quality on the higher end of the price range (expensive). This chef knife is for pros and chefs and anyone who buys quality knives for life. 8 inch model. Full tang. Carbon Steel

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