Cocktail Whisk

A cocktail whisk is used by bartenders to stir and mix drinks.

  • Typically long slender handles with mini whisk heads at the end.
  • Also referred to as "mini" or "bar" whisks.
  • One of several whisk types.

What is a cocktail whisk?

A cocktail whisk has a head that is small enough to be used in a bar glass and a handle that is long enough to reach the bottom of a tall glass.

cocktails whisk features include small heads and long handles typically made of metal

Cocktail whisks do not have one predetermined head style. The core use of a bar whisk is to stir drinks in a glass or shaker.

This means that size, not design, determines what is and isn't a cocktail whisk.

a cocktail whisk in a clear glass

Mini Whisks

It makes sense that these are often referred to as mini whisks.

Let's compare some common ones to their larger versions...

Flat Bottom Cocktail Whisk

Here is what the flat bottom "mini" bar whisk looks like next to it's larger standard version Triangle Whisk

A triangle whisk and flat bottom cocktail whisk

Balloon Cocktail Whisk

Here is what the balloon "mini" bar whisk looks like next to it's larger standard version Balloon Whisk

A balloon whisk and smaller cocktail whisk

There are many different designs for the whisk head, but when they fit in a glass and can mix a drink, they are all cocktail whisks.

Three different types of whisk heads

What to look for when you buy:

three whisks and a bar glass

The easiest thing to get wrong about this type of whisk is the size.

If you are looking for a cocktail whisk, make sure the description mentions specifically that it is a bar, mini or cocktail type of whisk.