Dough Press

Dough presses shape, close and seal dough.

  • Uniform size / shape dough wrapped food.
  • Also known as a "dumpling press", "hand pie press" or "empanada press".
  • Saw tooth border helps to seal edges.

What is a dough press?

A dough press is a folding mold designed to close and seal dough for hand pies, dumplings, empanadas and other similar dishes.

A dough press has handles, hinge, bowl and serrated edges.

A dough press is made of two half circle sides connected by a hinge. When extended flat, the two sides form a circular bowl with sawtooth edges. When the sides are folded together with dough and fillings between them, the dough along the edges are sealed by the saw tooth design of the edge.


A dough press folds, shapes and seals dough around food.

Foods used with:

Hand pies, turnovers, empanadas, dumplings, ravioli, dough

How to use a dough press

dough press being used to make an apple hand pie
  1. Place dough onto press.
  2. Place filling in the center of the dough.
  3. Carefully close the dough press.
  4. Open the press and remove the newly formed treat.

What to look for when you buy

A dough press with two small apple hand pies.

Dough presses can be sorted by size and materials.


These are typically made of either plastic or metal.

Plastic dough presses

Plastic is an ideal material for these utensils because the molding (shape) is important, but strength is not, since very little pressure is used.

For this reason you see many plastic versions, and they tend to be inexpensive.

Metal dough presses

When metal is used for these presses, it is typically stainless steel. The metel ones look very pretty and often have protruding well formed handles.


Dough presses are used for many different types of tasks. Size will be key because you do not want hand pie sized dumplings or dumpling sized empanadas!

Three different size dough presses.

Most dough presses are offered in sets that have three sizes for this very reason. The three sizes are pretty standard.