Dough Whisk

A hand tool used to blend and mix doughs.

  • Also referred to as a "Danish dough whisk" or "brodpisker"
  • Made from rigid wire that is looped to form circles.
  • Effectively blends dough without over working it.

What is a dough whisk?

A dough whisk is a tool used to mix together powder and water mixtures. The dough whisk has a long handle and a head made from thick wire that forms three (or so) loops.

dough whisk has a handle, thick wire and three loops.

The dough whisk does not look like much at first glance. Opinions change however after one actually uses it.

While most people may have a mixer to do the dirty work, they may not make dough or cookies sometimes because it is a bit of a chore to pull out the mixer on a whim (or to clean up afterwards).

A dough whisk in the drawer could change that.

How to use a Dough Whisk

A dough whisk being used to make oatmeal cookies
  1. Gather your tools and ingredients.
  2. Place dough whisk into bowl and begin to stir.
  3. Use stiring and back and forth movements until dough is combined
  4. Remove dough whisk from bowl and rinse off.


dough whisk before and after use

Think about dough for a second, and how it is mixed.

Now imagine you want to make some cookies and you have a dough whisk. The dough whisk has two main benefits that I want to point out:

  • Quickly and effectively blends ingredients
  • Easy to clean

Using a dough whisk is faster and requires less strength than a spoon. This is because there is not much surface area so the tool can move through mixtures very well while blending without overworking the dough.

The dough whisk cuts through dough easily and the smaller loops in the middle help to distribute ingredients (like chips in cookies). Until you use one, it is very hard to explain, but in the "how to use" section above, I made some images while making oatmeal cookies.

It cleans up with a quick rinse because the wires do not really collect much material or get "all gunked up".

Dough whisks are easy to use and very effective. We think every kitchen should have one.

Making cookies or any dough can be a one bowl affair without any fuss of cleaning up a million things. Just rinse it off.