Egg Beater

  • Manual tool used to beat eggs.
  • Turning a hand crank spins two whisk blades.
  • Also known as a "rotary", "manual" or "hand crank" beater.
  • One of several whisk types.
The hand crank, wire guard, removable whisk heads and handle.

This tool has been around for awhile (invented in 1884 1) and was likely in your kitchen when you were younger.

It is now is constructed with modern materials and is incredibly easier to use and to clean.

The new ones have a handle that you can actually hold onto. Remember what the handles used to look like? They were horizontal not vertical.

The egg beater takes the motion of your hand slowly turning a hand crank and makes the whisk heads spin very very fast.

These were all the rage in America when I was younger.

There is something oddly comforting about using this tool. It beats eggs extremely well and very quickly. The classic egg beater design has not changed much yet has been drastically improved.

This utensil has been replaced in many kitchens by hand or counter top electric mixers.

The truth is that the manual version nowadays is made smarter and involves less cleanup than the electric ones.

How to use an Egg Beater

  1. Gather your tools and ingredients.
  2. Place the whisk heads into bowl.
  3. Hold the egg beater and turn the crank handle until what you are mixing is the desired consistancy or fully combined.
  4. Use it in some clear water for easy pre-cleaning.

What to look for when you buy:

The feature we recommend most in a manual egg beater is...

Removable whisk heads

Being able to remove them helps in cleaning and means you can use the dishwasher for just the heads, not the tool.

If you buy the ones that do not have removable heads, we caution that the metals used by cheap manufacturers are not always of the quality that the olds ones were made with.

Stick with brands you know on this utnsil for best results.

We can recommend the Oxo egg beater pictured on this page as our favorite.

Brands / Products

Oxo Egg Beater

See at Amazon

This is the tool we featured on this page in all the images. Our recommended egg beater.

Zyliss Quick Whisk

See at Amazon

This egg beater has a couple of unique features including the spinning whisk heads actually spin around each other (they call it a double rotation whisking action).