Flat Whisk

  • Is named for the flat profile of tines.
  • Designed for liquids in shallow pans.
  • Sometimes referred to as "gravy", "roux" or "sauce" whisk.
  • One of several whisk types.
handle and tines are noted

Flat whisks are a popular whisk for cooking sauce or gravy. The angle at which these whisks are constructed are perfect for shallow pans.

flat whisk is shown at rest and when pressed upon

The flat whisk typically has four to six wires (tines) that loop from and back into the handle. These tines get progressively smaller and they are all oriented in the same direction. There are many different versions of this tool, but they all are useful for liquids in shallow pans.

How to use a Flat Whisk

four stages of use are shown
  1. Place flat whisk into pan and stir.
  2. Whisk slowly along edges to make sure gravy or sauce is heated evenly.
  3. Strike whisk against pan edge to remove excess gravy.
  4. Use whisk in some clear water for easy pre-cleaning.

What to look for when you buy:

a flat whisk, eggs and a cutting board

The main thing we have noticed about flat whisks is that the way the tines come into the handle are a big indicator of quality.

You don't want there to be any way food or liquid can get into the handle.

These whisks are mostly made of stainless steel, but they can also be found in silicone.

Brands / Products

Oxo brand flat whisk

Oxo Flat Whisk

The Oxo Flat Whisk is a recommended buy. Good Grips Whisks are perfect for stirring sauces in comfort. This whisk is 10 inches long.

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Rosle Silicone Flat Whisk

Rosle Silicone Flat Whisk

Silicone flat whisk protects your cookware. Rosle flat whisks are very sturdy and will last.

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