Garlic Peeler

What is a Garlic Peeler?

It is a tube made of silicone which makes peeling garlic easier.

  • Garlic cloves are inserted into tube.
  • The skins are rubbed off using a rolling motion.
Garlic peeler features - silicone tube with large openings on both ends.

Garlic peelers are made of silicone and therefore come in just about every color of the rainbow.

These are great tools that make garlic peeling a breeze.

peeler with peeled garlic clove and discarded skins.

If you are peeling one clove or a hundred, this tool is your friend.

How to use a Garlic Peeler

Inserting garlic into peeler than rolling
  1. gather a garlic clove and peeler.
  2. Place garlic in center of tube.
  3. Roll back and forth briskly on a countertop with your hand.
  4. Tilt tube and peeled garlic comes out.

What to look for when you buy:

Bulbs of garlic next to a garlic peeler

The Oxo garlic peeler featured on this page is a great example of what to look for. It is a full size tube, colorful and comes with a storage case.

Brands / Products

oxo brand garlic peeler

Oxo - Garlic Peeler

This is the tool we featured on this page. Comes with vented storage case .

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zyliss brand garlic peeler

Zyliss - Garlic Peeler

The Zyliss brand version. Pink.

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