Garlic Press

A garlic press crushes garlic turning it into a paste.

  • Forces garlic cloves through tiny holes.
  • Quality garlic presses can crush cloves without peeling them.
  • Also known as "garlic crushers".

What is a garlic press?

A garlic press has two handles connected by a hinge. On one handle is a bowl with small holes in it. Connected to the other handle is a plunger shaped to fit into the bowl and crush the garlic when pressure is applied.

A garlic press has handles, a hinge and a bowl.

Mincing garlic by hand is difficult for many people. A garlic press not only quickly and easily crushes garlic, it also can save the step of peeling the garlic clove.

How to use a garlic press

garlic press used on a clove
  1. Open garlic press and make sure it is empty and clean of garlic skins.
  2. Place a clove of garlic into the bowl area.
  3. Close the garlic press by squeezing the to arms together.
  4. Scrape the garlic paste off then open the garlic press to remove any remaining garlic or skins.

What to look for when you buy

Garlic presses should be strong and sturdy.

This means that we do not recommend any which look dainty or tiny. Not only are these not strong, but many such presses can not even fit a clove of garlic.

  • Strength
  • Size
  • Method of clearing holes


When looking at or comparing garlic presses, note the arms and how thick they are. If the arms are thin and narrow , choose a garlic press with wider, thicker arms. A garlic press actually creates alot of force and those thinner arms will bend or break, leavng the garlic press unable to function.


The bowl of the garlic press is where you put the garlic clove. Make sure the garlic press you are looking at has a sizable bowl.

Method of clearing holes

Garlic presses will sometimes have a plunger which have small raised edges to fit into the small holes of the garlic bowl. When the garlic press is used the garlic is forced through the holes completely making cleaning easier.

When was the garlic press invented?

The garlic press was invented around 1950 in Switzerland. The first patents were given in the early 1950s. American patents began in 1954.

1950 Early Zyliss garlic peeler

The use of modern garlic presses began in Lyss, Switzerland when a bicycle repairman named Karl Zysset invented it. Taking the already existing vegetable / fruit press he added a piston and the walled area to place the garlic clove and the era of the garlic press began.

The man went on to create a company that provided kitchen utensils to Switzerland and eventually the world. The mans name was Karl Zysset and he lived in Lyss. The company he formed was called Zyliss which is a utensil company still creating utensils today.

We have encountered some garlic presses where a clove of garlic won't fit because of the small bowl size. Most garlic presses from popular brands have large bowls, but this is just something to look out for.