Garlic Slicer

Garlic slicers quickly and evenly slice garlic cloves.

  • Called garlic slicer, but they also slice other small foods.
  • One of several different types of slicers.

What is a garlic slicer?

Garlic slicers at their best are tools which safely, quickly and evenly slice garlic cloves and other small foods. They commonly have a thin blade that sits along a track. A small safety holder will force the garlic clove over the blade as the holder is pushed back and forth resulting in very thin garlic slices.

Garlic slicer features - double sided blade, slider, handle and base are noted.

If you have a need to slice garlic (or radishes, ginger, almonds etc.) this tool makes it easy.

Get ultra thin slices of garlic for your dishes and enjoy that special flavor profile.

But it isn't only the flavour, sliced garlic has presentation value as well. This tool can make many foods look good like radish slices with their pink and red or the almond slice which is easier on the teeth and so nice for chocolates.

If you are planning to make garlic chips, this tool will provide amazing results.

Note: This tool is designed for peeled garlic, it won't slice well if the skin is still on.

How to use a garlic slicer

placing clove of garlic in the tool and resulting garlic slices
  1. Remove cap and place garlic clove in plunger.
  2. Replace cap and slide the plunger head back and forth.
  3. Garlic slices will start to come out under the tool
  4. Continue slicing more cloves until you have enough.

Use caution and follow manufacturers instructions, that blade is very sharp.

What to look for when you buy:

Bulbs of garlic next to a garlic slicing tool

The Oxo garlic slicer featured on this page has a nice safety feature I would like to highlight.

After this utensil is used it may sit in a drawer or elsewhere. Most slicers do not have a great solution of how to keep the slider from moving and more importantly, how to keep the blade from being exposed where it could possible hurt someone.

The Oxo slicer does have a way to keep the blade from being exposed and the slider from sliding. The head portion of the slicer snaps off and can be placed on the slider in the oppisite direction. This keeps the head from sliding and the blade being exposed.