Herb Stripper

Herb strippers help remove leaves from stems.

  • Has several different sized holes or narrow openings.
  • One of several types of herb utensils.
  • Some can be used with kale and other larger leafy foods.

What is a herb stripper?

A herb stripper makes the task of stem removal easier for just about any sized plant.

holes in plastic stripper are detailed

When you are using fresh herbs like cilantro or parsley you want to have mostly the leaf part and not any long stems.

Using a herb stripper allows for quick and clean stem removal. Depending on the width of the hole or gap you use you can chose to have some stem or no stem at all as a result.

How to use a Herb Stripper

herb stripping is shown in four stages
  1. Get a stalk of your favorite herb or plant.
  2. On the stem side, place stem through a hole that is just a bit larger than the stem itself.
  3. Pull stem from other side until it is stripped.
  4. The result is leaves on one size and stems on the other.

What to look for when you buy:

herb stripper and cilantro shown on cutting board

If you are using a larger amount of these herbs you have probably tried to wrap your hands around the leafy part, held on to the stem side and pulled. It likely didn't go well. This will result in a mess and your herbs will still have pleanty of stems.

There have been many tries at solving this issue.

As a result, there are many different looking types of this tool.

Herb Stripper types

There are three main ways tools have come up with to remove leaf from stem:

  • Holes
  • Grooves or gaps
  • Blades

Holes: The thing that most have in common are round holes or differing sizes. Most tools will have holes in it. This is the most effective type because the stems can not pop out of the holes.

Grooves or gaps: Some tools will have a gap where you can supposedly slide the stem into and then pulll to strip. In our experience these do not work as well because the stems will work themselves out of the gap as you try to use it.

Blades: There are strippers that will have blades. While a blade can be a useful addition to a utensil like this, it should not be a blade only. That doesn't make sense because we already have knives in our kitchen.

The best tools have a combination of the above mentioned things. It should also be noted that tools with both large and small holes will become useful for larger plants as well.