Blossom by Joie

A beautiful and useful line of utensils.

It is a delight when you see some creativity in otherwise mundane kitchen tools. It is even better when the tools are not only creative, but they are also solidly built and functional.

four colorful utensils by Joie.
The Blossom utensils use vibrant color and shape to suggest a sprouting or budding plant.

We love the apple slicer, apple corer and the pineapple slicer. They are among the best utensils out there.

The popular "Joie" utensils are made by a company called MSC International.


Joie Blossom brand pineapple slicer

Pineapple Slicer

We love this slicer and we feature it on our pineapple slicer page.

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Joie blossom brand apple slicer

Apple Divider

High quality and great looking apple wedger. See our apple slicer page.

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Joie Blossom brand apple corer

Apper Corer

This is a gorgeous tool. We highlight it on our apple corer page.

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