Blossom by Joie Utensils

A great looking and useful line of utensils.

It is a delight when you see some creativity in otherwise mundane kitchen tools. It is even better when the tools are not only creative, but they are also solidly built and functional.

The Blossom utensils that we have seen and mentioned in our pages:

Each of these utensils have worked great for us and passed our tests so far.

There are more Blossom items out there, but we will wait until we get our hands on them and try them ourselves before commenting. We love the apple slicer, apple corer and the pineapple slicer. They are among the best utensils out there.

Joie Blossom Products

Pineapple Corer & Slicer

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Learn more about pineapple slicers.

Apple Slicer

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Learn more about apple slicers.

Apple Corer

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Learn more about apple corers.