Julienne Peeler

Julienne peelers are designed to cut small narrow strips while peeling the skin off of fruits and vegetables.

  • This utensil has a handle setup typical of peelers but the blade has one smooth edge and one edge with many small vertical blade edges which slice the peelings into narrow strips.
  • This is one of several types of peelers.

Foods cut into julienne strips can look pretty amazing. As a great garnish on a plate or simply edible contrasting colors these strips can be lovely and yummy.

They also can be quite a chore to make. In the most traditional method a knife is used to carefully cut thin portions of a food and then that portion is then cut again with a knife into those narrow narrow strips. It is quite a bit of work.

A julienne peeler accomplishes the same thing in a second or two. It is truly a time, effort and space saver.

How to use a Julienne Peeler

  1. Place blade of serrated peeler on the skin of what you want sliced (in this case a zucchini). Make sure you are safely holding the food away from the peeler.
  2. Pull blade away from you while just barely pushing blade downward enough to catch the skin.
  3. Push blade across length of what you are peeling (always use caution, watch those fingers!).
  4. Repeat until you have all the julienne strips you need.

What to look for when you buy:

This is a type of specialty peeler.

It can be bought by itself, but it often makes sense to buy a julienne peeler as part of a set.

Peeler Sets

Getting a set of peelers often is much cheaper and it also provides other specialty peelers and even backup regular peelers.

Even quality brands like Oxo provide special peeler sets.

The above set comes with a serrated peeler, a julienne peeler and a regular swivel potato peeler. The cost of the set is typically a real bargain. Click below to see current price.

Brands / Products

Oxo Three Peeler Set

See at Amazon

This great set from Oxo includes a serrated peeler, a julienne peeler and a regular swivel peeler. The images on this page are from this set. The orange one is the julienne peeler featured on this page.

Oxo Julienne Peeler

See at Amazon

Oxo Good Grips julienne. Very comfortable handle. This tool is essentially the same as the images on this page except it is black instead of orange.

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