Knife types

bread knife

Bread Knife

Long, slim and serrated knife useful for breads.

chef knife

Chef Knife

Strong and solid general-utility kitchen knife.

clam knife

Clam Knife

Knife made specifically for shucking (opening) clams.

grapefruit knife

Grapefruit Knife

Serrated knife with bended tip ideal for grapefruits.

lettuce knife

Lettuce Knife

Plastic blade safely cuts lettuce heads without browning the edges.

oyster knife

Oyster Knife

Knife made specifically for shucking (opening) oysters.

paring knife

Paring Knife

Designed for cutting smaller food items or detailed slicing tasks.

peanut butter knife

Peanut Butter Knife

Mix, scoop, and scrape natural peanut butter.

santoku knife


Asian version of the western chef's knife is a great all around knife for the kitchen.

shrimp knife

Shrimp Knife

Prepare, peel and devein shrimp.