A kusenaoshi is a stand for bamboo matcha whisks.

  • Typically ceramic.
  • Also known as a "matcha whisk stand".
kusenaoshi - ceramic, stand for bamboo matcha whisk

The bamboo whisk (chasen) you use for your matcha tea can be expensive. Using a stand helps extends the life of the whisk and also helps the whisk keep the original shape.

kusenaoshi with whisk peoperly stored upon it.

The stand also looks great and gives you a place to store your whisk.

It is safer to store your whisk on a kusenaoshi.

Do not keep it in the plastic case it came to you in. Those cases trap moisture and can lead to mold.

Chasen and kusenaoshi

The stands can be found easily online and come in many colors.

How to use a Kusenaoshi

four stages of kusenaoshi use
  1. Have your kusenaoshi (whisk stand) set up somewhere cool.
  2. When you are done using a whisk, rinse with cold water.
  3. Place whisk on top of kusenaoshi.
  4. Push down until whisk is completely on stand as shown.

Brands / Products

BambooMN Ceramic Kusenaoshi

BambooMN - Ceramic Kusenaoshi

BanbooMN is a brand that offers many colors and many types of matcha utensils.

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