Lettuce Knife

A knife to cut lettuce safely while reducing browning.

  • Most lettuce knives are made of plastic.
  • They typically are shaped like a chefs knife.
  • The blade "edge" should be serrated.

What is a lettuce knife?

A lettuce knife looks like a real knife, but is made of plastic or nylon and has a purposely dull serrated edge.

lettuce knife has soft handle and safe plastic blade.

These light weight utensils do their job quite well. Most people prefer to tear lettuce rather than slice it with a knife so the lettuce won't turn brown as quickly.

A lettuce knife is essentially "tearing" rather than slicing. Yet because of the knife like form, is is easy and accurate to slice through greens as you wish.

How to use a Lettuce Knife

rommaine lettuces being cut by knife
  1. Get your knife and lettuce (we are using romaine).
  2. Place knife edge into the lettuce head.
  3. Slice back and forth until lettuce is cut through.
  4. Repeat until you have all the lettuce you need.

What to look for when you buy:

lettuce knife with a head of romaine.

A good lettuce knife is simple and sturdy, made of plastic and has a good grip.

The Oxo brand knife which we feature on this page is a great tool and has the extra utility of stripping kale or other leafy greens using the holes in the blade.

Since these are one of the very few types of utensils that children end up using, we also recommend it has a dull edge. Virtually all lettuce knives have a dull blade by design (it is not supposed to be sharp).