Mango Slicer

Mango slicers are hand held utensils designed to cut and de-pit mangoes (remove the hard pit / seed area in the center of the fruit).

  • Sometimes this utensil is called a mango "splitter", "divider" or "pitter".
  • The tool features roughly circular frame with a blade in the center and handles on each side of the blade area.

A mango has a seed in the center of the fruit. It is hard and not edible. The area around the seed (or pit) is also hard and not great for eating.

Even if you use a knife (which can be unsafe with pit fruits) it is pretty hard to cut a mango well. The "good" parts are often pretty mangled by the time you are done trying to cut it by hand.

Mango slicers solve these issues by making the slicing safer and seed removal easier. It is also all done in one step that is not messy at all. When used correctly a mango slicer does an amazing job at separating the fruit simply and effectively.

How to use a Mango Slicer

  1. Place mango with stem side down.
  2. Center the mango slicer above the fruit.
  3. Push tool all the way through mango.
  4. Remove the sides and discard the middle seed portion.

What to look for when you buy:

The most important factors when buying a mango slicer are strength, sharpness and rust free construction.

There are not many different mango slicers on the market.

If you are seeing a brand that you do not recognize, I would stay away and pay the extra dollar for one you know is backed by a real brand.

The main brands that you can trust for this utensil are:

  • Oxo
  • Cusinart
  • Zyliss

Brands / Products

Oxo brand mango slicer


This utensil is the one you see in all of our images on this page. It is strong, looks great and has tested well in our trials. This mango slicer is aou recommended pick.

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Cuisinart 3 in 1 Vegetable and Mango Slicer


This is a set of three slicers from Cusinart. One of the slicers is for mangoes and shares nearly identical measurements as the other brands.

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Zyliss brand mango slicer


This tool while expensive is also the top of the line in some ways. It has a stand that helps guide the mango to the position it needs to be in for a good slice.

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