Oyster Knife

A knife made specifically for opening oysters.

  • Easy to grip handles are important for wet hands.
  • Strong thin blade that is not very sharp.
Oyster knife has a stury blade, pointed tip and easy to grip handle.
The oyster knife (shucker) should have an easy to grip handle and the blade should be strong with a pointed but dull tip.

Shucking (opening) fresh oysters is much safer and easier when using the right tools. The tools are of course oyster knives and hand protection.

How to use an Oyster Knife

oyster being opened by a oyster knife
  1. Gather tools, hand protection (cut proof gloves or folded towel) and oysters.
  2. Insert blade tip into oyster hinge.
  3. Twist blade to open (shuck).
  4. Slide knife blade beneath meat to seperate from shell.

What to look for when you buy:

Oyster knife with two oysters on a cutting board.

There are many types or styles of oyster knives. These are mostly regional styles due to either differences in the oysters themselves or differences in the opening methods.

There are a surprising amount of blade styles, but the main four types that are most used are named "New Haven", "Providence", "Boston" and the "Galveston".

Oyster knife types: Boston, Galveston, New Haven and Providence styles compared.

New Haven

The New Haven blade style is likely the most used general purpose blade. The blade is short and stubby with a rounded tip. The tip is slightly curved up to better glide along shell.


Same as the New Haven, but without curved tip.


Longer thiner blade with a dully pointed tip useful for when opening oysters from side rather than hinge.


Longer blade and tip style with more width than the Boston type.

Brands / Products

Oxo brand oyster knife


This is the knife featured in all the photos on this page. It is strong and exceptionally easy to hold and use.

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Victorinox brand oyster knife


High quality oyster knife made by the company famous for the popular Swiss Army Knife. A red textured handle makes this knife easy to use and keep your grip. Available in all styles (New Haven, Providence, Galveston and Boston).

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Dexter Russell brand oyster knife

Dexter Russell

New Haven pattern with a Sani-Safe handle. High Carbon, High Alloy, Stain free DEXSTEEL. This knife is NSF certified.

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