Peanut Butter Knife

A knife made specifically for common peanut butter problems.

  • Allows for cleaner mixing of oil.
  • Designed to reach the corners and egdes of jars.

What is a peanut butter knife?

A peanut butter knife has a generous handle, long shaft and bulbous end that is designed to minimize issues commonly found with natural peanut butter.

Knife handle, blade and tip detail

When you go to stir your peanut butter you get it all over your knuckles, you can't get the peanut butter from the corners of the jar, you can't get big scoops of it out at one time..

A peanut butter knife solves these issues due to the long blade and specially shaped tip.

How to use a Peanut Butter Knife

peanut butter knife in use
  1. Get your peanut butter and see if there is oil on top.
  2. If there is, stir with this knife and marvel at how far your hand is from the action.
  3. Now get a nice big portion.
  4. Spread it easily across the bread.

Enjoy the clean hands afterward.

Peanut butter jar and knife on a wooden cutting board

Also consider the peanut butter mixer which puts a hand crank into the lid of a jar.