Peanut Butter Mixer

Natural peanut butter collects oil on top which must be stirred in. This tool makes it less messy.

What is a peanut butter mixer?

It is a tool which helps to incorporate oil that has separated from natural peanut butter.

  • This utensil uses a lid with a hole in it to allow for a curved bar connected to a handle to spin around inside a closed jar of peanut butter.
  • Particularly useful when a new jar of natural peanut butter is opened.

When you buy real natural peanut butter there is always a layer of liquid on top. The oil gathers at the top and it is messy to stir it in. It is a chore to really stir it effectively because there isn't much room in the jar when it is full.

A peanut butter mixer solves these issues by making it possible to stir the mixture with the lid still closed. This makes a once very messy job a breeze instead of a nightmare.

How to use a Peanut Butter Mixer

  1. Thread stirrer through lid and caps.
  2. Remove the original lid from jar.
  3. Place peanut butter mixer lid onto jar and tighten.
  4. Stir the peanut butter using the handle.

What to look for when you buy:

The top things to think about when buying a new peanut butter mixer:

  • Size of lid
  • How you will use it
  • Space

Size of lid

This tool comes in several sizes and the lid size will be the single biggest factor in using this tool. Much of the funsctionality of this tool dissapears if you can't close the lid tightly!

The main things to know are how wide is the lid of your brand and how large is the jar.

Those selling this product will offer it in several sizes.

How you will use it

There are two main ways to use this product... Use it once when you open the jar and then take it out and put original lid back on the jar or keep this tool on your peanut butter jar.


If you plan to keep the mixer unit on your jar then make sure you have a tall place in your cabinets to store it.

We like to just use it once on a new jar and then the next time the jar is used we stir it with a peanut butter knife.

Brands / Products

Grandpa Witmer’s Old Fashioned Mess-Freexo peanut butter mixer

Grandpa Witmer’s Old Fashioned Mess-Freexo

This is the tool we have highlighted in the images on this page. We like it.

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