Potato Mashers

The utensil that brings mashed potatoes to the table.

Potato mashers are a hand held tool designed to smash soft foods to create a different texture. Most commonly known for making mashed potatoes.

  • Sometimes this utensil is called a "bean" "avocado" or "apple" masher (or just plain "masher").
  • This utensil has a handle that is connected to a metal head formation that is most often a zig zag wave shape.
  • This is one type of masher (namely a "wire masher").

In theory you could mash potatoes with any object. However, mashed potatoes have a better texture when using a masher. The design of mashers actually ends up agitating the starch less than other methods.

These types of mashers are known as "wire mashers" because the head of the tool is in reality a very very thick and unbendable wire.

How to use a Potato Masher

  1. Get your potatoes in a bowl or pan that provides plenty of room for the masher head.
  2. Begin pressing down and lifting up on the masher into and out of the potatoes.
  3. Ocasionally knock off the potato gunk from the head of the utensil by knocking it against the rim of the bowl or pan.
  4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 until the potato is the texture you desire. Many add milk or butter to get the right smoothness.

What to look for when you buy:

The two main things to look for are strength, grip and design of the head portion (the zig zags).

As far as strength goes, it is hard to go wrong. Every brand we have seen has a strong tool for a masher.


Being able to hold on to a potato masher should not be an issue. Some manufacturers seem to forget this though. You will most likely be working with this utensil over a steaming hot bowl or pan of potatoes.

The masher you see in all the photos on this page is from Oxo and is part of their "Good grips" line. It has a thick and easy to hold handle that doesn't let your hand slip at all.

It is pretty plain when you look at images of mashers which ones are quality with good handles and which ones are cheap knockoffs.

Distance between prongs

The nice thing about the zig zag type of masher is that things don't get stuck in them as much as other types. They are easier to clean, and easier to use.

When you look at one to buy, make sure there is the nice standard wide stance between the "waves" or "curves" in the head of the tool. Some designs are just for show and become very tight and narrow. These are not good for real use.

Think about what you saw in your parents or grandparents kitchen. The basic design of zig zags mashers has not changed because the design works perfect already.

Brands / Products

Oxo brand potato masher

Oxo Good Grips Potato Masher with cusioned handle

This utensil is the one you see in the images on this page. It is strong, looks great and has tested well in our trials. This potato masher is our recommended pick and should last decades. Impressive handle that is easy to use, grip and it is cushioned.

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Kitchenaid brand potato masher

Kitchenaid Potato Masher

The Kitchenaid version of a wire potato masher.

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