Potato Peeler

Safely peel potato skin and other fruit & vegetables.

  • Also called a "vegetable", "jonas" or "swivel" peeler.
  • Has a blade that swivels
  • This is one of many types of peelers.

What is a potato peeler?

A potato peeler has a handle and a metal blade that swivels (turns) so as to stay flush to whatever it is peeling.

potato peeler with handle and swivel blade.

Peeling any vegetable, especially potatoes, by using only a knife is a mission for failure. Even if you are lucky and don't cut yourself, you are likely to waste half of whatever you are trying to peel.

Potato peelers have been in our kitchens forever. There is a reason for that. These peelers just work, and they have pretty much been the same design for over 100 years. They remind me of my grandmother and her kitchen.

How to use a Potato Peeler

four stages of potato peeler being used.
  1. Hold the peeler by the handle and place the blade on the potato.
  2. Push blade away from you while pushing blade downward enough to catch the potato skin.
  3. Push blade across potato length (always away from you, watch those fingers!).
  4. Repeat until all skin is removed from potato.

What to look for when you buy:

potato peeler and potatos on cutting board.

If you are going to buy a potato peeler it should last decades.

This type of peeler is so tried and true that as long as you get one from a quality brand, you should be happy and just pick one you like.


The common peeler we use to peel our potatos in America originated as a "Jonas" peeler from Sweden. The company that created the original one (and still makes them today) is called Linden Sweden.

linden sweden potato peeler classic metal handle and swivel blade.

We recommend the Linden Sweden peeler for the quality and long lasting materials they use.

The main improvements to the old type have been mostly to do with the handle. The original / vintage design did not have comfort in mind.

The peeler seen throughout this page with the grey handle is from the Linden Sweden company as well.

linden sweden potato peeler modern with plastic handle and metal swivel blade.

Other brands such as Oxo, Chef'n and others have their own take on the potato peeler as well.