Push Whisk

  • Is named for how it is used (being pushed upon).
  • Whisk head spins vigorously when the handle is pushed.
  • Sometimes referred to as a "frothing", "rotating" or "spin" whisk.
  • One of several whisk types.
handle and tines are noted

Push whisks are likely the fastest moving stirring device that is manually driven. The rate at which it spins is very fast and the motion used (pushing on the handle) is very natural and easy to do.

Most push whisks will have a similar looking head. The heads can be described as having 8 to 10 tines (stiff wires) each having a triangular shape with one loop near the bottom of whisk.

This shape is seen on frothing tools and is immediately recognizable.

The shaft of the tool has a tip at the bottom which doeas not move. This allows the tool to spin around freely without being slowed by the bottom of bowl or container being used.

How to use a Push Whisk

four stages of use are shown
  1. Gather your tools and ingredients.
  2. Place push whisk head down into container.
  3. With the tool vertical, press down on handle to make head spin. Remove pressure from handle then repeat until ingrediaents are whisked to your liking.
  4. Use whisk in some clear water for easy pre-cleaning.

What to look for when you buy:

a push whisk, eggs and a cutting board

Push whisks are not typically made by famous brands we are familiar with in America. Smaller brands tend to specialize in these.

These whisks are mostly made of stainless steel, but they can also be found coated in silicone.

Brands / Products

Newness Push Whisk

Newness Push Whisk

The Newness Push Whisk is a recommended buy from Amazon. It is a solid feeling whisk that fuctions well. This whisk is 12 inches long and made from stainless steel.

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Cooks Innovations Push Whisk

Cooks Innovations Push Whisk

These push whisks are Stainless Steel and made by Cooks Innovations.

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