Santoku Knife

The santoku is a Japanese general-utility kitchen knife.

  • Very popular knife world wide.
  • "Santoku" means "three virtues".
Santoku knife blade, handle, full tang, hollow edge.
The Japanese santoku knife has a unique shape that is useful for general kitchen needs such as chopping.

The santoku knife has a mostly flat cutting edge. The tip of these knives are not "pointy" as a chef's knife.

The santoku blade tip typically has one side that is a somewhat flat blade edge and another side that does not have a cutting edge which curves up to the top of the blade. The blade overall is wide and thin.

The flat cutting edge allows for slicing and dicing.

diced red peppers with santoku on cutting board

When a santoku knife is used to slice or dice, the blade it brought up and down and raised completely off the cutting surface with each chop.

How to use a Santoku Knife

red pepper being sliced by santoku knife on a cutting board
  1. Gather knife, cutting board and whatever you want to cut (we are using a red pepper).
  2. Use the knife to cut off a good portion from the pepper.
  3. Using the knife, begin slicing the pepper.
  4. If slices are what you need then enjoy, or turn the slices sideways to dice the peppers into even smaller pieces.

What to look for when you buy:

Santoku knife with a red sweet pepper on a cutting board.

Since the Santoku is a general use kitchen knife, it needs to be able to withstand being used heavily. That means it should be strong and sturdy.

Blade thickness

A good santoku knife will not have an overly thick blade. The thiner the blade the more easily the knife can slice through things.

the blade of a santoku as seen from above

The balance of strength and thiness is helped when quality steel and craftmanship are used.

The best santoku knives are often quite expensive for this reason.

Brands / Products

Mercer brand santoku knife


This is a popular santoku knife because it strikes a good balance between price and quality. This is an inexpensive knife but it looks great and works great. Great for everyday use.

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Oxo brand santoku knife


This Ozo Pro brand santoku is strong and solid and looks great too. The 6.5-in Santoku Knife is an Asian-style chef's knife features blade indentations that reduce drag while chopping and mincing.

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Misono brand santoku knife


Extraordinary knife routinely judged as the best santoku knife. Expensive, but is a tool that lasts a lifetime and more.

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