Shrimp Knife

A knife made specifically for deveining and peeling shrimp.

  • Curved blade allows knife to follow shape of shrimp.
  • Notches allow for deveining.
  • Safer option than a sharp knife.

What is a shrimp knife?

A shrimp knife is used to prepare unpeeled shrimp. Most will have a long, curved and narrow section used to reach under the shrimp shell. They also will have notches in the blade to catch and remove the vein.

Shrimp peeling knife has long narrow tip and deveining notches.

Unpeeled shrimp can be much cheaper and some types of shrimp are only available unpeeled. Using a shrimp knife can be a safer and quicker way to get the shrimp peeled.

Shrimp knife with two shrimps on a cutting board.

How to use a Shrimp Peeling Knife

Shrimp being peeled (deshelled) and deveined with a shrimp peeling knife
  1. Hold shrimp in one hand and insert the tip of blade under shell.
  2. Move the shrimp blade forward while holding the shrimp itself still.
  3. As the shrimp moves forward, make sure the vein is grabbed by the notches so the shrimp is deveined.
  4. Peel back the shells and discard.

Best brands and types