Spring Whisk

A whisk made with a rather loose "bouncy" spring.

  • Named for the shape (it looks like a spring).
  • Sometimes called a "spiral" or "twist" whisk.
  • One of several whisk types.

What is a spring whisk?

A spring whisk is a unique type of whisk that uses a loose spring to agitate liquids. The action of hand movement and the action of the spring "wiggling" combine to create a great deal of whisking results.

spring whisk features include handle, flexible spring head and stiff base.

Spring whisks are very "bouncy". The spring shaped head is not stiff it is loose and flexible.

detail of spring whisk head pressed against a table to show the looseness and flexibility.

The spring head being so "springy" is actually the main reason this whisk can be so useful. The spring does much of the work for you as it moves around and vibrates.

How to use a Spring Whisk

spring whisk being used with eggs in a bowl
  1. Gather your tools and ingredients.
  2. Place Spring whisk in bowl with eggs.
  3. Move it vigorously side to side until the eggs are the desired consistancy.
  4. Use whisk in a bowl clear water for easy pre-cleaning.

What to look for when you buy:

spring whisk and two eggs on a cutting board

There are two main designs out there for this type of whisk. The first has a solid handle and the second has a wire handle.

Let's look at the practical differences in the two versions.

two spring whisks shown onw with solid handle the other has wire handle

Solid handle

  • Whisk feels and acts normal in hand.
  • Almost always longer overall, which can be quite important when mixing hot liquids or in pans.
  • Made by better known brands and have more quality associated with them.

Wire handle

  • Very inexpensive!
  • Handle feels somewhat awkward in hand.
  • Often too short which can be quite important when mixing hot liquids (check length before buying).
  • Made by lesser known brands and have more quality complaints like the head coming off from handle.

If money were never a factor, we would always recommend the solid handle spring whisks made by a quality brand.

On the flip side, the cheap wire handle ones can be much less expensive.