Strawberry Slicer

Strawberry slicers are designed to evenly slice a strawberry with one motion.

  • Typically have a base and a multi bladed top connected by a hinge.
  • One of several different types of slicers.
Strawberry slicer features - hinge, blades and base are noted.

A strawberry slicer is also a great thing to have when presentation matters.

The most common reason most kitchens can use a strawberry slicer can be summed up in two words:

"Strawberry Shortcake".

strawberry slices ontop of a piece of strawberry shortcake

But we must remember.... Strawberries are also a healthy addition to many types of meals or snacks. Using more berries each day is a wise choice.

The main issues you have with strawberries is that they are hard to store and they do not last long.

When you think of strawberries it is very likely you are thinking of the oversized container they come in at the grocery store.

The size and their freshness can be major hurdles to simple things like adding some berries to a smoothie everyday.

I like to slice my strawberries up so I can use them on cereal, in smoothies, in oatmeal, etc. When you slice them they look great, but they also store in smaller containers and they stay frozen better and thaw out with out becoming a mushy pile of goo.

How to use a Strawberry Slicer

placing strawberry in the slicer and resulting strawberry slices
  1. Get some strawberries and your slicer.
  2. Lift top open and insert a strawberry into the base.
  3. Push down top until fully closed
  4. Open slicer and remove the slices. Repeat as needed.

Use caution and follow manufacturers safety instructions.

What to look for when you buy:

Strawberries and slicer on white cutting board

This is a really cute utensil when you find one shaped like a strawberry.

Our favorite is the Joie strawberry slicer. It is the one used in the pictures on this page.

This slicer comes as part of a set that include the slicer and a strawberry huller tool that is cute as well.

But more than just cute, we find the Joie utensils to be the best tools out there in many categories (they are beautiful, functional and long lasting).

Single and small strawberry slicers are great for home use.

Brands / Products

Joie brand strawberry slicer in package

Joie - Strawberry slicer and huller

We think this is the best strawberry slicer. This is the tool we featured on this page. Comes with a strawberry huller tool as well. This is an absolute joy to have in the kitchen and the set is functional and beautiful.

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Chefn brand strawberry slicer

Chef'n - Strawberry Slicer

This tool is great if you use many strawberries often and you are not too worried with presentation. This slicer from Chef'n is a truly grea idea, but it does take some force to use and makes less than presentation level slices.

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