Twig Whisk

A twig whisk is a primitive version of modern whisks that uses only twigs.

  • Also known as "Swedish", "Scandinavian", "Visp" or "birch twig" whisk.
  • It is literally twigs (small sticks) tied together.
  • This is one of many types of whisks.

What is a twig whisk?

A twig whisk or "visp" is a primitive and natural version of modern whisks. It is made with real birch tree twigs.

detail of twig and binding of birch whisk

This is a bunch of twigs tied together.

Guess what they are tied together with? More twigs.

The Swedish traditional twig whisk is a true representation of how whisks came to be. A handful of twigs was used to stir something and someone somewhere said "This works great!" and the whisk was born.

How to use a twig whisk

birch twig whisk being used
  1. Insert twig whisk and move tool back and forth quickly.
  2. Remove whisk.
  3. Clean by whisking in clear water.
  4. Leave to dry in air once cleaned thourouhly.

What to look for when you buy:

twig whisk and eggs on a cutting board

When looking for this item you will notice that these are truly not widely availible. These are made by hand by craftspeople.

Examine the photos on this page. The twigs are firm and don't really break. Even though the twigs have some bend to them, they won't snap off very easily.

detail of bending twigs

This is likely the most important factor to look for. If the whisk you are considering looks like straw or fragile, it won't likely do you much good.

When we purchased this whisk it was labeled as a "birch twig whisk".

In addition to these twigs not breaking, they also do not soak up liquid. This utensil is surprisingly functional for what it looks like.