Whisk types

ball whisk

Ball Whisk

Easy to clean type of whisk. Has solid balls at the end of tines.

balloon whisk

Balloon Whisk

Popular type of whisk in most kitchens. Named for the way it is shaped (like a hot air balloon).

cage whisk

Cage Whisk

Whisk with a small round "cage" inside which often has a ball bearing, adding surface area and weight.

cocktail whisk

Cocktail Whisk

Has a head that is small enough to be used in a bar glass and a handle that is long enough to reach the bottom of a tall glass.

coil whisk

Coil Whisk

A rounded wire which is then continuously wrapped around itself creating much surface in a flattened area to ariate mixtures.

collapsing whisk

Collapsing Whisk

Space saving whisks which collapse or convert into smaller profiles.

dough whisk

Dough Whisk

Danish traditional whisk for breadmakers or cookie bakers. Stiffness and shape of tines are ideal for use with dough.

egg beater

Egg Beater

Manual hand mixer ideal for beating eggs. Turning the handle spins double whisk blades.

flat whisk

Flat Whisk

Low profile whisk can be made to be flat unlike rounder or stronger whisks. This is useful for shallow pans and liquids.

french whisk

French Whisk

Popular whisk that is long and slim. This shape comes from the French culinary tradition.

matcha whisk chasen

Matcha Whisk

Japanese whisk made of bamboo. Used to prepare matcha tea. (Chasen)

push whisk

Push Whisk

This type of whisk spins vigorously when the handle is manually pushed toward the tines.

spring whisk

Spring Whisk

Flexible coiled spring head wobbles and vibrates as you whisk creating much more motion than in most other whisks.

triangle whisk

Triangle Whisk

Useful for sauces and shallow pans, triangle whisks have a flat end (bottom) and are named for the shape of their tines.

twig whisk

Twig Whisk

The original whisk was a handful of twigs. These whisks are still made and used.